Our Spring 2024 collection draws its inspiration from the strength of the unsung heroes of the streets—the street hawkers. These are individuals who, with unwavering resilience, navigate the daily hustle, offering their goods under the scorching sun in the streets of Nigeria. 
In this collection, we honor their creativity, and their sheer strength to make ends meet in the face of adversity. Through each meticulously crafted garment, we pay tribute to their relentless pursuit of a better life, while also advocating for a brighter future where every child has access to education and every family can secure their dreams. 
This collection is a celebration of the human spirit's indomitable power to persevere in the toughest of circumstances. 


In our first look, a stunning bralette takes center stage, adorned with coral beads sourced from Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria. The beads infuse a cultural richness into the modern design.
Paired with sleek black and wine leather trousers, the look embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary style. The unique touch lies in the meticulous placement of coral beads on the trousers, symbolizing strength and resilience. This ensemble invites you to wear not just a fashion statement but a piece of Nigerian heritage, inspired by the dynamic spirit of Lagos street hawkers.


The second ensemble in our collection is a captivating exploration of transitions, seamlessly blending tradition and modernity. The cream sleeveless zip-up top stands as a canvas of contemporary chic, its simplicity belying the intricate placement of coral beads. Each bead is carefully positioned, adding a touch of cultural allure to the understated elegance of the top.
The cream hue cascades effortlessly from the top to our maxi skirt creating a harmonious transition that mirrors the vibrant flow of Lagos street life. Coral beads adorn the skirt, not merely as embellishments but as cultural markers, symbolizing strength and resilience.


In the third ensemble, a plain wine bralette sets the stage for bold simplicity, while the cream and wine leather long skirt from Look 2 continues its narrative of fluid grace.
Adding an element of edge is the cropped leather jacket. Its cropped silhouette, adorned with silver finishing. The infusion of wine hues on the sleeves and body adds depth and visual intrigue, creating a harmonious connection with the ensemble's overall color palette. Versatile yet bold, the jacket stands as a refined statement piece, embodying the fusion of tradition and modernity in a narrative of style.


Our fourth look revisits the timeless appeal of the cream sleeveless zip-up top adorned with coral beads, creating a seamless connection to Look 2. This familiar element serves as a canvas for the continuation of our narrative, blending tradition with contemporary style.
The bottom half introduces a new dimension with a leather ankle-length short. The shorts boast an angled waistline, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication to the ensemble. The waistline is adorned with meticulously placed coral beads.


Our fifth look introduces a bold contrast, replacing the cream elements with rich black hues. The ensemble begins with a fitted leather jacket, exuding a sense of edgy sophistication. The jacket is adorned with coral beads, serving as striking embellishments that add a touch of cultural opulence.
Paired with the jacket is a matching wine leather mini skirt, elevating the look with a combination of daring and elegance. The skirt features a unique knot at the side hip, offering a contemporary twist to the ensemble. What makes this piece truly distinctive is the flowing side train, adding a touch of drama and movement.